Imported Peat and Boiled Dinner

First, Nick and Johnny recap the accuracy of their Super Bowl prediction, their respective Super Bowl parties and Valentine's Day dates. Nick then voices his doubts over the regional significance of "finer" food ingredients. Nick throws in a quick recipe for Boiled Dinner for St. Patrick's Day, but not before reviewing a quality Stout. John [...]

Pizza the Way Grandma Made It

Pizza the Way Grandma Made It post image

Alright, not exactly the way grandma made it. Truth be told grandma cut a few corners here in there in the dough department. However, the way this pie is topped is exactly as it was made for me by her for over 25 years. The crust has been improved here since I know more about [...]

Super Bowl Pizza

Episode 14: The Super Bowl Episode! Nick and John discuss the game and then quickly dive into drinking. First John reviews Red Breast 12 year old Irish Whisky and then Nick reviews Sixpoint's Global Warmer. Then Nick and John swap Pizza recipes for the big game. John starts with an authentic Sicilian recipe for Sfincione. [...]

Apple Pie

Apple Pie post image

Apple Pie is a Thanksgiving staple. It is darn good from stores and especially good from high end bakeries and farmer markets. So why go through the trouble of making your own? There are many answers to that question but typically the most important are first,  the ability to have it exactly as you want [...]